Translating Crucial Social Emotional Skills Into Adventures Kids Love

ELMHURST, Illinois, 11/02/2023 – Social Emotional Learning (SEL) expert and entrepreneur Mawi Asgedom has announced a new venture to combat the escalating youth mental health crisis: Inner Heroes Universe. 

Created in partnership with licensed therapists and educators, this groundbreaking company addresses the need for credible and engaging tools to help kids navigate the acute challenges of today’s world. It also empowers families, educators, and health practitioners who are overwhelmed by a lack of effective resources. 

"Our society is witnessing a daunting escalation in youth mental health challenges," says Asgedom, a father of four. "We need to innovate in how we strengthen and engage our kids. By leveraging media, art, and storytelling, Inner Heroes Universe helps kids see their own inner worlds, making their innate strengths more vibrant, tangible, and accessible."

Inner Heroes Universe debuts with the My Inner Heroes product line, a series of enthralling books that combine the allure of superheroes with real coping strategies from mental health experts. Reflecting the real-life challenges of today’s kids, My Inner Heroes books teach concrete methods for combating concerns such as social isolation and anxiety, and promote development of valuable skills like growth mindset and personal agency. 

"My Inner Heroes is an easy and powerful way for us to support the emotional and mental health of our kids," says Kevin Suchinski, Superintendent of Hillside (Illinois) District 93 Schools. "Our kids have really enjoyed the art and the stories."

Asgedom envisions an expansive future universe of products, including apps, video games, and animations, to make SEL and mental health support accessible to all children.

Inner Heroes Universe is the culmination of Asgedom’s 20+ years of experience helping kids unlock their potential. His award-winning educational SEL programs, which were rated at the highest level of effectiveness and have received global recognition including the CODiE Award for innovation and the CASEL Select designation, were acquired by assessment leader ACT in 2019. Asgedom’s work has also been featured by Oprah Winfrey, who named her interview with Asgedom one of her top 20 moments.

About Inner Heroes Universe

Founded by global SEL innovator Mawi Asgedom, Inner Heroes Universe leverages media, art, and storytelling to revolutionize youth mental health and social emotional learning. It provides engaging, accessible content and tools designed to empower children, parents, educators, and mental health professionals, and fosters a community dedicated to nurturing the inner resilience and emotional well-being of the next generation.


Alissa Marwaha

Inner Heroes Universe