The My Inner Heroes series combines exciting, kid-focused adventures with proven coping strategies from licensed mental health experts.

In every book, brave Heroes battle against scheming Cons, showing kids how to turn on their innate powers and conquer common childhood challenges.

  • Attack of the Fake Friends

    HERO: Lync - Helps make friends

    CON: Iso - Hurts relationships

    KID: Sam - Needs a true friend

    Sam is stuck in an unhealthy friendship. She feels sad when her friends leave her out and say mean things to her. But she’s also worried about having no friends. Lync and Iso battle inside Sam to help her decide – is making new friends too difficult? Or can Sam find the strength to put herself out there and start a new friendship? 

    Helpful with: Making Friends, Social Connections, Communication

  • Crusher Strikes Again

    HERO: Yett - Builds confidence

    CON: Crusher - Prevents growth

    KID: Oscar - Discovers his true capabilities

    Oscar is struggling at bat and thinks he’ll never get better at baseball. When an embarrassing incident results in unkind remarks from his teammates, Oscar wonders: should he quit the team, like Crusher wants? Or should he listen to Yett, and persevere through difficult times, believing he can grow and change? The battle is on!

    Helpful with: Resilience, Personal Growth, Agency

  • Ice Cream Explosion

    HERO: Sol - Brings clarity

    CON: Faze - Clouds thinking

    KID: Brooke - Finds a way to keep her cool

    Brooke is having “one of those days” where everything’s going wrong. When she learns that she missed out on strawberry ice cream at recess, it’s the last straw. She explodes and ends up in the principal’s office. Will Faze cloud Brooke’s thinking, keeping her in knee-jerk reaction mode? Or can Sol shed some light on the situation and help Brooke calm her body, think clearly, and make better decisions?

    Helpful with: Self-Regulation, Agency, Communication

  • Castle Clash

    HERO: Turbo - Solves problems

    CON: Deep Freeze - Encourages helplessness

    KID: Miles - Takes action to make positive change

    Miles is starting to think that no matter what he does, his family will always see him as a troublemaker. His older brother Ethan blames him for EVERYTHING and Miles is sick of it. When Ethan and Miles get in a fight about a video game, will Deep Freeze convince Miles that he’s helpless and should accept his fate as the “problem”? Or will Turbo help Miles see how Miles can choose to take action to improve his situation — even when it seems hopeless?

    Helpful with: Agency, Relationships, Communication, Siblings


The Heroes and Cons face off in more battles for our inner worlds!